Latest LCC Photos-16

Student Richard Sajonia doing research in our new library.

The walkway of our new building, going to the classrooms at the second floor.

Our "preacher boys" relaxing after class one Friday afternoon by playing basketball in our new gymn.

Latest LCC Photos-15

Johnny meeting with the girls.

Bonding with Robin.

The girls in their dorm.

The girls preparing their Sunday school materials.

Waiting for the class to begin.

One foggy morning in Tagpuro.

Latest LCC Photos-14

The building as seen from the road.

Another view of the building as seen a little closer.

The paddies containing newly planted rice.

The interior of the building.

The floors of the gymn and hall now being concreted.

Building interior showing the stairway.

The stairway.

The newly assembled library.

Charlie at the new library.

Latest LCC Photos-13

Teachers and students on the first day of classes this second semester school year 2010-2011.

Three of our fine students (Richard Sajonia, Jenny Rose Democrito and Julius Bojos) returning from Bible study with residents of Tapuro.

Danejon Silva leading the singing during Sunday worship at LCC campus.

Latest LCC Photos-12

The second floor of LCC's new building

Third level of LCC's new building.

They have begun adding heavy doors to the classrooms.

Jonathan Lapitan helping to assemble LCC's new library.

Juanito Nacario organizing the books in the newly assembled LCC library.

Latest LCC Photos-11

Back view of LCC's new three-storey building

Front view of LCC's new building.

Inside one of the four nearly completed classrooms in LCC's new building.

A Tagpuro kid proudly displaying his work in Sunday school. The paper the boy is holding reads: DAPAT MANEWALA NA PAWER PUL SI GOD. ("You must believe that God is powerful"). The boy is the son of the first convert in Tagpuro.

Some local children who attend Sunday school at LCC campus in Tagpuro.

Other Tagpuro children attending Sunday school at LCC campus.

Visitors who regularly attend adult Bible class and worship at Tagpuro.

Latest LCC Photos-10


This room and the others too shall be the classrooms to use this second sem.

A closer look at the inner part of the building. Still unfinished.

A view of one of the rooms.

LCC main building as seen from the road, with Johnny on the foreground.

Latest LCC Photos-9

This was how our building looked before the roofs arrived...

Then the roofs arrived from Cebu..

One by one the roofs came up. And this is how it looks today!

Latest photo taken this morning at 8:00, October 20, 2010.

Latest LCC Photos-8

This truck, which arrived yesterday, Saturday, brought to the site the long-span roofs LCC ordered for its building.

To get a whole picture of this long truck, I had to stand up a hill 30 meters away.

The truck as seen 40 meters away.

The roofs are so long they even hang. One span is about 10.80 meters, the othersare about 12 meters.

The roof is so heavy it needs two strong men to carry a piece of it.

Four strong men laid the roof beside the road leading to LCC property.

Latest shot of LCC building taken today, Sunday, after worship.

Latest LCC Photos-7

Photo of the main building. Taken just today, September 12, 2010.

Back of the main building. Photo taken today, September 12, 2010.

A photo of one of the classrooms at the second floor of the main building.

A photo of another classroom at the second floor of the main building.

A photo of the rooms at the ground floor of the main building.

The nipa hut, which we call Corinth hut, blocks the main building from view. Once the roofs are installed on the building, the classes shall be held in it, and this hut has to go.

LCC Main building as seen from a distance.

Latest LCC Photos-6

The mobile crane LCC has rented lifts those trusses up one by one!

Hollow blocks, hollow blocks, hollow blocks!

Native flora that abounds in the campus of Leyte Christian College.

One lonely bird that we tried to save.

The sea in front of LCC campus.

Steve Mock and his newly acquired vehicle.

Picture shows some teachers and staff, with brethren who visited LCC recently. From left to right: Marvin Osano, Macario Arcilla, Reuben Emperado, Reuel Belo, Samson Octobre, Ed Maquiling, Dominador Belo, and Rey Octobre.

Latest LCC Photos-5

This container van traveled all the way from Abilene, TX to Long Beach, CA, then to Cebu City since the middle of June. It arrived at the campus of LCC, Tacloban City very early yesterday morning, Sunday.

Charlie Sabado, Johnny and Bobby Maur stand in front of the van as a worker begins to open it.

First shown here as the container van is being opened are the beds and cabinets. The beds and the furniture came from a US Army Hospital in San Antonio.

The container van also contains lockers, tables, chairs, hospital items (syringes, cotton rolls, cotton gauzes), books, songbooks, shoes, shirts, dresses, laptops, computer monitors and CPUs, garden tools, carpentry tools, lawn mowers, all donated by the community of Abilene, TX. Some items came from the Office of George Bush, former US president.

Slowly the furniture goes down. Some of these items are actually new!

A student carries the mattress to be stored for a while in LCC's bodega prior to distribution.

The lawn mowing tractor being led out of the container van. Another student gathers the garden tools to be stored at LCC's bodega.

The lawn mowing tractor now out of the van.

Two of LCC's lawn mowers.

No, not just two but three lawn mowers!

Behind the truck is the mobile crane which LCC rented to lift the emptied container van from the trailer.

Johnny and the students put stones under the container van to keep it stable. The van lies beside the road leading to LCC. The container van is also donated by the community of Abilene, TX. One day it could serve as the students' air-conditioned library.

This mobile crane shall also be used to lift up the trusses to be welded to structure of the main building. The trusses shall hold the roofs of the building. The roofs need to be attached now because of the onset of heavy rains.

Latest LCC Photos-4

Hedges and flowering plants are being planted in front of the boys' dormitory.

Faculty and staff house being built on a hill in LCC property.

Two LCC students pose with sister Euly Gade, the cafeteria cook, in front of the newly renovated kitchen. The kitchen serves 46 student meals every meal time.

Brother Jerry Chism takes time off to have a sip of his coconut juice.

Brothers Roger Wilcox, Jerry Chism and Dewayne Trimble of Amarillo church, Texas.

Ed Maquiling, LCC's assistant director, stands beside the new artesian well. This water system was paid for by donations from a brother in Abilene, Texas.

LCC boys taking a bath at their new artesian well.

Construction is being rushed at the site of LCC's main building in preparation for the installation of the roofs. The rains have been pouring heavily in this part of Tacloban these last four weeks.

That's Ed Maquiling standing in front of the construction site, with a student of LCC, Analyn Yee. Teachers and students are looking forward to holding their classes at the main building one day.

Latest LCC Photos-3

Sunday school for kids is a special occasion in the campus of Leyte Christian College.

Worship at Tagpuro campus of Leyte Christian College.

With the main building still unfinished, nipa huts like this serve as the classroom at LCC.

The Ephesus hut, the nipa hut that becomes Steve Mock's favorite classroom.

LCC's kitchen, where the students' food is cooked. It has been improved now.

Jun Nacario holding a class at Ephesus nipa hut of LCC.

A student cutting the hair of his fellow student. The nearest barber shop is about 18 kilometers away.

Brother Dewayne Trimble, visiting missionary from Amarillo, TX, leading songs.

Pictured here are brothers Roger Wilcox, Jerry Chism and Dewayne Trimble of Amarillo church who visited LCC on the last week of July, 2010. Roger distributed Bibles, Jerry spoke on Bible themes and Dewayne led songs.

First meeting of the teachers with Johnny, at Andok's Tacloban.

Latest LCC Photos-2

Jonathan Lapitan and Charlie Sabado. Jonathan finished a degree in Bible at CBC. Charlie got his degree from Sunset.

Ed Maquiling is the assistant director of the school, serves temporarily as its registrar and communications director, and teaches New Testament Greek.

Steve Mock and his wife Josie had been doing missions in Latin America before they came over to LCC. Steve will teach Church History, Restoration Movement and a Bible subject.

The Reuel Belos. Reuel serves full time in missions and teaches Music and New Testament Survey at LCC this semester.

Juanito Nacario and his wife Fe. Jun will teach Fundamentals of the Faith and two other subjects. His wife Fe is the school's library aide.

Brother Jack Belo and his wife Telly. Jack finished a degree from Abilene Christian. He will teach the Book of Acts this semester.

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